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Along with the buttons and jewelry Brad and the Elves are working on these days you might find some other interesting artwork out back in the workshop.  No one is quite sure who comes up with the ideas for them but they sure do seem to get done.  

Brad would like to add, "I've carved various larger items from wood for several years before I began carving buttons and Bakelite jewelry. These days I don't seem to find the time to carve as many of the larger objects but do still occasionally find a chunk of wood that is just begging to have something released from it. As wood chips and dust are infinitely more kind to the nostrils than Bakelite and ivory dust, sometimes I just have to put the smell of wood back into the shop so hopefully you will find here something from time to time that will make you smile."

Having heard that from the artist, check out his other items:

You can also click on the images below to be directed to a particular item.

Carved Poplar Wood Butler Bear Nutcracker Carved Poplar Wood Uncle Sam Nutcracker
Carved Cherry Wood Sitting Nutcracker Bear Carved Poplar & Oak Wood Robin Hood Nutcracker