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Brad Elfrink is a southeastern Missouri native who has been producing artwork of various sorts since he was a wee lad.  Starting off with crayons and scrap paper as most children do, he gradually matured into an artist with experience in most media.  Having grown up out in "the sticks" - a fond slang for "the country" - he eventually got around to whittling and wood carving and then, after high school, went to college for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Commercial Art.

Over the course of several years, Brad has done portraiture; painted in acrylic and water color; executed pen and ink illustrations; created sculptures; and dabbled in  artwork with every other medium he could get his hands in, so to speak.  In January of 2004, Brad began carving miniatures in the form of collectible buttons out of deer antler and other assorted natural materials and selling them via ebay (seller id bael31) often with a whimsical and sometimes fictional story to go along with the description.

Since that time he has carved and sold several hundred buttons to collectors all over the United States and in several other countries.  The next year, in 2005, Brad finally gave in to promptings from well wishers and also began carving Bakelite jewelry, mainly pins and bangles, or bracelets.  The artist often includes moving parts and extensive detail in his work and each of them are individual works of art while at the same time being reminiscent of old toys.  It didn't take long for these whimsical and often realistic carvings to begin to catch the eye of Bakelite enthusiasts and now there are several collectors who are building personal collections of Brad's work.  

Brad named his studio "Elvenkrafte" in honor of the Elves that as a child he thought he must be descended from.   As a young boy he discovered a fictional account of the origin of his last name (which claimed the name was passed down to the descendants of the last German Elvish King) and latched onto this "history" as any small boy with a big imagination would.  Brad has been a self employed artist for several years now and pledges to treat each piece of his work as a part of himself, creating something of value and beauty to be cherished and enjoyed by each collector.  He tries to hold onto that childish imagination and believe that his talents are a mixture of blessings from God and Elvish magic.  Please feel free to contact him at any time to make or inquire about a special order.







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