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The materials that I use in my artwork and carvings are guaranteed to be authentic and legal.  In the case of Bakelite, all of the materials are vintage and either from old stock that has never been carved or from vintage Bakelite items that were broken, damaged or sometimes just large enough to carve and recreate.  I would like to note that I do not, however, damage items that have collectible value in and of themselves.  Bakelite, as most collectors know, oxidizes over several years time and many of the colors that you see in my work are the colors as they were meant to be when the materials left the factories.  Some colors - like black, red, green and brown - do not change much, if at all, but many of the others will darken over the decades or even take on another hue altogether.   I would like to note that I only polish my pieces and do not apply any finish unless requested by customers.

My carvings in deer and moose antler as well as bull horn and other natural materials have been obtained from reputable dealers.  I will describe each of these items with a list of the materials used in the construction.

  I have a wide variety of other materials on hand for creating individual, custom order, and special pieces.  These materials include turquoise (and other stones), opal, mother of pearl, soap stone, meerschaum, jet (fossil charcoal obtained from a mine in Siberia's Lake Bakal region), Lucite, polyurethane, celluloid, various metals, various specie of wood, and assorted other goodies that I find from time to time.

From time to time I also carve fossil ivory such as mammoth and walrus ivories.  These ivories are also legal for sale and, to my knowledge, also are legal for export because they are materials over 100 years old (in the case of fossil ivories, they are several hundred to thousands of years old).  I do not own or carve any ivories, (including elephant, walrus or other marine), which are from animals killed or harvested illegally or recently.  I am very careful to buy only legally obtained materials from reputable sources and wish only to provide my customers with a fine collectible carved from a beautiful material.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the email address provided on my contact information page.

All other materials are guaranteed to be as described.