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This area is dedicated to the exchange of links for related websites.  If you would like to be included in this area, please add the following HTML code to your website then send an email to us at bradelfrink@sbcglobal.net and we will incorporate your code with one graphic onto this page:

<p align="center"><a href="http://www.elvenkrafte.com"><img border="0" src="http://www.elvenkrafte.com/images/linklogo.gif"></a><br>
<font face="tahoma" SIZE="3">
Unique, Hand-Carved &amp; Hand Crafted Bakelite Jewelry,<br>
Studio Buttons and Collectibles<br>
<a href="http://www.elvenkrafte.com">www.elvenkrafte.com</a></font></P>

This code will display as follows on your web page:

Unique, Hand-Carved & Hand Crafted Bakelite Jewelry,
Studio Buttons and Collectibles


Judy Jay's Time Dances By

At Judy Jay's Time Dances By, we offer an extensive collection of Antique Jewelry -  including  Mourning Jewelry, Victorian & Ivory Jewelry, Bakelite Jewelry and Native American pieces.  In addition to our jewelry catalog, we also offer a large collection of antique Pug figurines for sale online.


Karima Parry's Plastic Fantastic

Specializing in Bakelite, Celluloid, Lucite,
and other vintage plastic costume jewelry
from the 1920's to the 1960's.


Ed and Carolyn Sunday

Specializing in authentic period antique jewelry, vintage watches, and unusual collectible militaria from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau eras. Certificates earned from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) include: Diamonds, Diamond Grading, Colored Stones, & Gem Identification. Member American Society of Jewelry Historians (ASJH), National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors (NAWCC), Antiques & Collectibles National Association (ACNA)

Vintage costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, handcrafted Renaissance jewelry and original Christmas tree pins have been our specialty since 1997. Home of "Researching Costume Jewelry" for jewelry history, jewelry marks, jewelry signatures and jewelry research.

Vintage Jewelry at Illusion Jewels


Eclectic Vintage - Costume Jewelry & Collectibles


I offer handcrafted leather bracelets and necklaces in many designs as well as unique party favors and jewelry making supplies.



Antiquing On Line: Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry

Featuring quality antique jewelry and estate jewelry including Victorian jewelry and antique cameos, vintage costume jewelry, Art Deco jewelry, Bakelite, and more. Jewelry for men, women and children.


Custom Cufflinks

Custom made Cufflinks are the perfect product for your corporate, political, or organizational needs. Cufflinks make a thoughtful gift and can effectively convey your image or slogan.