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Carved Poplar Wood Uncle Sam Nutcracker

 Here is a fine nutcracker in the old German Black Forest traditional two handled style.  Modern nutcrackers just don't have the attraction that the older ones do in my opinion.  The best traditional Black Forest nutcrackers were made to be not just attractive and whimsical but also utilitarian.  Often you will still find the old two handled nutcrackers for sale but many have chipped jaws and cracks which were the result of many years of nut cracking.  This version is most definitely an American one as it portrays our fine old Uncle Sam with a top hat bordered by a band of carved stars.  Old Sam here has a fine little bow tie on, and the front handle is carved as the front of his suit with buttons, lapels and collar.  He has a nice little goatee beard, kindly eyes and even a slight grin.  The lever action works smoothly and as with all of my nutcrackers, he has been tested on a pecan or two....which he cracks without a problem.  The entire piece stands 9 inches tall.  I used a light stain on the wood and then buffed it so that it has a very soft feel when held.  Both handles are nicely carved in a sculpted look, fitting nicely in the hands.  I signed it with my initials and dated it with single number of the month and last two numbers of the year that I carved it.


Carved Poplar and Oak Wood Robin Hood Nutcracker

  Here is another nutcracker which I have carved in the old German Black Forest two handled style.  This character is that famous outlaw of Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood.  The wood that I used to carve the main part of this nutcracker out of is an old piece of poplar, and then I carved the bottom handle, or lower jaw, from oak.  The poplar wood has a couple of tiny knots in the grain which show up on the surface but do not detract from the overall allure of this piece.  As you should be able to see in the pictures, Robin has a feathered cap and medieval styled hair cut and jerkin.  I gave him a nice mustache and goatee style beard, a gentle smile on his countenance.  The nutcracker measures right at 8 & 1/2 inches tall and stands quite nicely on its own, it has a mellow finish and a nice soft glowing polish.  The handle moves nice and smoothly and the piece feels good in the hand.  As with all of my nutcrackers, I have tested his nut cracking capabilities with a pecan after finishing him.  This will make a fine addition to your collection.  I signed and dated this piece on the back of the front handle.


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