Hand Carved Nutcrackers From Elvenkrafte Studios

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The nutcrackers carved in the studio are very intricate and true to life.  Brad makes every attempt to portray proportions correctly as well as to be sure that his creations are actually functional as nutcrackers.  Of course, you might just want to display them as the one of a kind pieces that they are!

Because these pieces are difficult to portray with just one or two pictures, we have listed each one with pictures from several different angles. For faster download times we also will show only two items per page, please be sure to check additional pages for Brad's other interesting nutcrackers.   

Elvenkrafte Studios Nutcrackers, page 2

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Carved Poplar Wood Large Figural Butler Bear Nutcracker

Of all the wood carvings that I ever completed, this is one of my most favorite.  This bear butler nutcracker stands right at 11 & 3/4 inches tall and is carved from Missouri poplar wood.  I've carved him dressed sort of as a butler wearing a coat with tails, vest and little bow tie, his paws clasped behind his back.  I applied a nice mellow stain before polishing the carving and I painted the buttons on his coat, his eyes and nose with high quality enamel.  He is also signed and dated on the bottom of his foot.  As you can see in the pictures, he is a whimsical fellow with a kind face and has lots and lots of details.  I spent a lot of time carving this dude and would be sorry to have him leave if the truth be known.  I don't know that I will ever find the time to make another similar to it.  At 36 ounces, he's a hefty fellow and yes.....I did test his nut cracking capabilities with a pecan as I do all of my nutcrackers once they are finished.  Mr. Bear here will crack a pecan in fine form although at this price I doubt if you will want to make that his function in your household, he might be better suited to performing greetings instead.
  The wood is very seasoned and solid, it has no cracks or other damage.  He makes a very fine and attractive display on table or desk, and would be an incredible character to include in a nutcracker collection.  He stands quite easily on level surfaces and the lever action of his jaw moves quite nicely.

Carved Cherry Wood Seated Bear Wearing Vest Nutcracker

Here is the second of my two figural bear nutcrackers, this one carved out of cherry wood and in a seated position.  He looks as if he is patiently awaiting some entertainment or perhaps a pecan to crack open, as he sits there with arms propped on his knees.  He almost looks like a juvenile bear, or cub, as he does have a more youthful appearance than my other bear nutcracker.  The cherry tree that this piece was carved from was a huge old tree that got wiped out by lightning a few years ago, it made some beautiful wood to carve and, as you can see in the pictures, it has a lovely color.  The stain I used was just a very slight one and only heightens the natural colors of the wood.  I also buffed the carving to a nice soft shine and the bear is very pleasant to touch and hold.  He measures right at 6 & 3/4 inches tall as he sits, and weighs in at about 32 ounces.   I painted the eyes and nose with high quality enamel paint and signed and dated him on the back under the handle.  The wood was very nicely seasoned and dried prior to my carving it and staining it, and I've had it for a few years now, so there should never be any cracking or checking in the wood.  This bear also I have tested with a pecan and it will do a fine job of cracking nuts if it is your desire to use it for that.  The ideal purchase would be of both bear nutcrackers so that they could be kept together.....  it would be a shame to separate them. 


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