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Carved Driftwood Wood Spirit Wall Hanging

  To be completely honest I can't actually tell you what kind of wood that I carved this out of...I only know that it floated down the Mississippi River from far, far away and lodged in some rocks near here one day.  As fate would have it, I happened to be walking along the river that day and, having found it there, I thought it would make a fine carving.  So I brought it home and let it sit in the shop beside the wood stove for close to a year before I ever picked it up again....  

And some time later it became a quite charming wood spirit.  Most carvers call these wooden long haired and bearded old men wood spirits because they feel that they were the spirits of the wood and the carving releases them.  The particular wood spirit in this old piece of driftwood turned out to be quite dark once a bit of stain was rubbed in to emphasize the wood grain.  And I also inlaid a bit of jet (fossil charcoal mined in the Lake Bakal region of Siberia) for his eyes.  The piece measures about 15 and 1/2 inches long and is a solid piece.  I've drilled a hole in the back to facilitate hanging on a wall, and that's where this one has been hanging for close to a year now....on a brick wall in my house.