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Click here if you are looking for Brad's Bakelite Bracelets & Bangles.

Below you will find detailed descriptions as well as thumbnail graphics for several of Brad's Bakelite Pins & Brooches. 

Bakelite Pin & Brooches

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Carved Bakelite Egyptian Pharaoh & Queen Pin
This is a drop dead gorgeous pin that I designed and carved to be a true one of a kind art-jewelry collectible. The pin is a beautiful and colorful representation of an Egyptian Pharaoh and his queen with a setting sun and pyramid in the background. There are a many different pieces carved and inlaid to construct the pin. The turquoise head-ware for both figures is vintage bakelite, as is the brown of their bodies, the queen's black hair, the off-white of their clothes, the marbled red of the setting sun and the cream corn yellow of the pyramid. The white of the clothes will yellow eventually for an nice aged appearance. The pharaoh's gold crook/staff is gold plated metal, and the collars for both figures are painted with high quality enamel paints (as are their facial features). This awesome pin measures a bit over 3 1/4 inches tall, has a nickel silver pin component secured to the back and my signature and the date inscribed there as well. Don't
miss out on this one folks, the first person to contact me gets to add it to their collection and chances are that there will never be another like it.



Carved Laminated Bakelite Little Red School House Pin

This pin is a little red school house complete with golden orange Bakelite bell in the little bell tower, clear applejuice windows (with a small lad that I painted on the reverse of the window on the left) and white Bakelite doors, steps and "SCHOOL" sign. The black roofs are also Bakelite. Each individual part was carved to fit into the red Bakelite base and then laminated into place. I inscribed the lines into the windows to be filled with black enamel, making four pane windows (or for those of you familiar with the with 4 lights). This great looking pin is sure to be a hit this time of year particularly but could easily be worn all year long. The longest measurement, from top to bottom, is 2 & 3/4 inches. I attached a solid nickel silver pin component onto the back and inscribed my signature and the date.

Price $200.00

Yummy Carved Bakelite Ice Cream Cone Pin Catalin

This yummy Bakelite pin is carved from two gorgeous colors of vintage Bakelite. There's a great and chocolaty looking swirled brown for the cone and a nicely marbled light lavender pink for the scoop of heaven on top. I imagine this flavor to be........hmmm....either that Very Berry Strawberry or the Pink Bubblegum. The brown makes a perfect cone that reminds me of the chocolate sugar cones which I was always in a big hurry to eat just so I could get to that bit of solid chocolate in the bottom. Carved to fit each other and then laminated together, these lovely Bakelite colors make a beautiful pin that almost makes you feel a little bit cooler just looking at it..... The pin is very realistic in detail, quite nicely polished and well put together. It measures 3 & 1/4 inches long and has a nice vintage brass pin component attached to the back where I inscribed my signature and the date. This ice cream pin is probably my favorite one that I've made so far.

Price $200.00

Bakelite Pin & Brooches

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