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Below you will find detailed descriptions as well as thumbnail graphics for several of Brad's Bakelite Pins & Brooches. 

Bakelite Pin & Brooches

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Carved Bakelite Zodiac Aries Ram Pin

 Here is a definitely unique and one of a kind Bakelite pin carved in my own design of the Zodiac Aries ram.  This pin is constructed and carved from vintage Bakelite materials, utilizing a gorgeous cobalt blue for the main body of the ram and emerald green for the curled tail.  I also used white Bakelite for the horn and brown and black for the eye.  The pin is a substantial average thickness of 3/8 of an inch and measures right at 3 inches long at the longest measurement.  The cobalt blue and green have some translucency in sunlight.  I attached a nice nickel silver bar pin component onto the back and the pin hangs nicely when worn.  My signature and the date are inscribed onto the back also.


Not just any old rocket, this pin is piloted by a little man wearing a red helmet (and looking a bit scared as he peeks through the window) who is reverse carved and painted into a piece of apple juice Bakelite that is laminated into the top of the rocket.  The other colors of the ship are also inlaid Bakelite, including the pointed red nose, the black fins on the tail, and the flame-throwing rocket booster on the side.  The rocket booster is carved from a marbled black Bakelite that has small swirls of white in it.  The fire shooting out the back is carved from tequila sunrise Bakelite, and the body of the ship itself is a gorgeous marbled yellow Bakelite.  This pin measures just under 3 & 1/2 inches long and has a nice solid nickel silver bar pin component attached to the back with rivets and epoxy.  I also inscribed my signature and the date on the back.


Multicolored Bakelite Dancing Fish

This is one of my favorite whimsical designs of the year, a dancing fish...all dressed up and ready to entertain. Carved entirely from
vintage Bakelite, this pin took quite some time and effort to construct as it is made up of over 10 individual pieces cut to fit one
another and inlaid into the base which is a gorgeous marbled light blue Bakelite. The fish measures just under 4 inches in length and
has a nickel silver pin component secured to the back with rivets. I wore this pin at a show that I attended in Texas and
everyone loved it.


Bakelite Scottish Terrier Soldier Drummer

This is one of my earlier pins and is one of the very few pieces that I created which is a reproduction of a vintage Bakelite design. The
pin is a Scottish Terrier in Civil War style Union cap and playing a drum with his movable arm, attached with a brass rivet through the
front. The dog's drum, drum-sticks, cap, tail, eye and nose are all painted with high quality enamel paints. The pin measures a bit
over 2 1/2 inches in length and has a gold plated pin component secured to the back with rivets. My signature and the date are
inscribed upon the back also.


Bakelite Pin & Brooches

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