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Bakelite Pins & Brooches

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Carved Bakelite Squirrels Playing Leap Frog Pin

Here is a dandy pin that I designed and carved in 2010.  It depicts two whimsical squirrels playing leap frog.  The squirrels are carved from an oxidized buttery-tan colored bakelite/catalin and have inlaid black bakelite eyes (with a spot of white bakelite for a highlight in each).  They also have bakelite clothes on, a red shirt and yellow pants for the leaping squirrel and blue shirt and green pants for the squatting squirrel.  The pin measures a bit under 4 inches at the longest measurment and hangs perfectly from a nickel silver pin component that I've secured to the back.  My signature and the date are inscribed on the back as well.


Carved Marbled Red Bakelite Dragon Pin

Here is a handsome red Bakelite dragon pin that I carved from an original design. The Bakelite is a nice flaming orange and red swirl once it's oxidized but currently the dragon is just a fiery red with some lighter marbling in it. Those light swirls will take on some yellow and orange hues as time goes by and this pin will only get more beautiful as it ages. The dragon's wing curves a bit outwards over his body, which is difficult to portray in the pictures. He (or she.....) is quite detailed in depth and nicely polished. For an eye, I embedded a gold yellow colored Swarovski rhinestone. The pin measures 3 & 1/2 inches at the longest length and has a vintage two piece pin component embedded into the back. I inscribed my signature and the date on the back as well. One of the pictures shows the dragon with the piece of oxidized Bakelite that it was cut from so that you can see the yellow/orange swirling.

Reduced Price.....$200

Carved and Laminated Mexican Gaucho Musician

Now here is a pin that turned out so well that I just could not bear to list him at the mercy of ebay.  This is a classic Mexican character dressed in vintage white Bakelite with a yellow/red marbled blanket over his shoulder and playing a beautiful bird's eye maple guitar.  The only painted details on this pin are the tiny facial details of eyelashes, eyebrows and mouth.  All of the other colors are vintage Bakelite inlaid and laminated.  The skin color is a nice caramel colored vintage Bakelite/catalin, the hair is black and the guitar is real bird's eye maple wood.  The white that the pin is based in will eventually take on just a hint of buttery light yellow as it oxidizes over time.  The right arm is attached with a brass screw sunk into the back so that the arm will move as if he is really playing the guitar and crooning you a sweet Spanish melody.  The pin measures 4 & 1/2 inches at the longest measurement and has a vintage brass pin component riveted onto the back where I've also inscribed my signature and the date.  This pin is a dandy, folks, and will definitely be a book piece.

Price .....$200.00

Bakelite & Cedar Wood Mexican Cowboy Musician

This pin is similar to another that I have listed here on my website, with the exception that this Mexican cowboy musician is seated on
a dune of sand and leaning up against a cactus (probably singing about "That Sharp Pain in My Side"). The base of the pin, which the
cactus and the cowboy are inlaid into, is carved from old cedar wood from a tree which was struck by lighting here locally. The
cowboy also strums a wooden guitar which is made from bird's eye maple. The rest of the pin, cowboy and cactus, are carved from
vintage Bakelite. The cowboy alone is made up of 4 different colors of Bakelite, and as you can see has a movable arm which is
attached by means of a screw inserted deeply from the back side of the pin. I used a bit of black enamel paint to add emphasis to
some of the carved details. The pin measures a bit over 4 inches in length and I've deeply embedded a two part pin component into
the back, where I've also inscribed my signature and the date.


Bakelite Pins & Brooches

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