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Below you will find detailed descriptions as well as thumbnail graphics for several of Brad's Bakelite Bracelets & Bangles.

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Carved Black Cats Bakelite Bracelet Bangle

This is a bracelet for the kitty cat lovers out there, a pair of big black kitty cats chasing each other.  The cats both have inlaid eyes which are composed of white bakelite, green bakelite irises that are backed with gold foil to make them sparkle and add depth, and black bakelite pupils.  They also have pink bakelite noses.  The bracelet has an inner diameter of 2 9/16 inches, the walls are carved from 1 3/8 inches and they are about 5/8 of an inch thick over the cats' head areas (and about 7/16 inches in most other areas).  My signature and the date are inscribed on the inner surface.


Carved Gray Bakelite Herd of Elephants Bracelet Bangle

This design features a herd of stampeding elephants, large and small, and is a bracelet that I've carved from a light charcoal gray vintage bakelite catalin.  The elephants all have inlaid white bakelite tusks and toenails, where they can be seen, and black bakelite eyes.  The bracelet has an inner diameter of 2 9/16 inches and the walls were carved from 1 1/2 inches wide, 1/2 inches thick.  My signature and the date are inscribed on the inner surface.  This bracelet is an original carving that I am reproducing in cast polyurethane limited editions so please check those as they become available if you are interested in a cheaper version or one in another color.


Prystal Bakelite Philadelphia Clamper Bracelet

Here is perhaps the most spectacular version of the Philly clamper that you are likely to ever see.  That I know of, I am the only person who has ever produced the Philly in clear vintage prystal bakelite, and this is the only second of these that I've ever made.  The first prystal Philly I made was sold a few years ago, this version is one that I had listed on ebay but the winning bidder was unable to follow through on the sale due to unforeseen circumstances.  As you can see, the bracelet truly is a gorgeous piece of jewelry, and it is even more mesmerizing when it is worn in the sunlight.  The clear colors of prystal really catch the sunlight and appear as if made of jewels.  The base of the bracelet is a wondeful amber colored vintage apple juice bakelite and is in the squashed clamper shape.  The fins are also prystal, clear yellow, red, green, orange and blue.  The bracelet has inner measurements of 1 3/4 inches from top to bottom and 2 3/8 from side to side, and the opening measures right at 7 inches around.  The walls average about 3/8 of an inch thick except where the fins make it thicker and have widths of 1 1/2 inches wide at the top, 1 1/8 inches at the bottom by the hinge.  The hinge is a stout new brass spring hinge, much stronger than the flimsy old hinges normally seen on Philly clampers, and is attached with brads or rivets.   My signature and the date are inscribed on the inner surface beneath the fins on one side.  There is one tiny air bubble or inclusion in the apple juice base behind one blue fin but it isn't very noticeable unless you know it is there.


Gorgeous Red Philadelphia Style Clamper Bracelet

This is a dandy new bracelet that I've made in the vintage Philadelphia clamper design using vintage bakelite.  The bracelet has a gorgeous cherry red clamper style shaped bracelet base and onto it I've laminated fins made of the commonly seen colors of vintage bakelite (black, orange, green, red and yellow).  The colors, with the exception of the black fin, are all very nicely marbled and striking in appearance.  The fins are right at 1 1/2 inches long and, at the bracelet's opening, measure about 1/2 inch tall.  The bracelet's walls are 1 1/4 inches wide at the opening, 1 1/8 inches wide at the hinge, and are about 3/8 of an inch thick at the thinnest point (close to 1/2 inch thick at the thickest, not counting the fins).  The hinge is a stout new brass spring hinge that I inset into the bracelet's inner surface, and is attached with deeply set rivets.  My signature and the date are inscribed on the inner surface.


Carved Dark Rootbeer Tortoise & Hare Racing Bracelet

 This is a recent bracelet that I've carved from a gorgeous dark rootbeer colored bakelite.  The color is a very dark rootbeer, or tortoise shell, color but has wonderful translucency in good lighting which shows up its gorgeous amber brown color and marbling.  The design is an original featuring the tortoise and the hare racing.  Hard to say which is in the lead but I did inlay the turtle's eye so it is looking behind him as if the hare is catching up.  Both critters are carefully carved and make for a very whimsical and interesting bracelet.  The inlaid eyes are also bakelite, white and black.  The bracelet's walls are carved from 1 5/8 inches wide, nearly 5/8 of an inch thick (both measurements vary now because of the extensive carving).  The thinnest area on the bracelet's walls is better than 1/4 inch.  The bracelet is carefully polished and has my signature and the date inscribed on the inner surface.


 copies are available on my Polyurethane bracelets page






Carved Red Bakelite Big Cats Hunting Bracelet

This is a dandy bracelet that I carved from a thick vintage red bakelite bracelet base.  The design features three large cats hunting through the jungle.  There is one scared rabbit running out of the brush and also a couple of birds in flight.  The carving is detailed and I used a bit of enamel wash to add emphasis to the finer details.  The bracelet has an inner diameter of 2 9/16 inches.  The walls are 1 1/4 inches wide, nearly 5/8 of an inch thick in the thicker areas.  My signature and the date are inscribed on the inner surface.


Reverse Carved Apple Juice Bakelite Stretch Bracelet

This very elegant stretch bracelet is one that I've constructed of vintage apple juice and black Bakelite. The focal point of the bracelet is a nice big front of apple juice that I've reverse carved with a floral design consisting of yellow flowers with gold centers, leaves and twigs with black berries. The inner diameter of the bracelet is the standard 2 & 1/2 inches which I would be happy to make smaller by removing a set of beads and black spacer if the buyer prefers. The apple juice front piece measures right at 3 inches along the outside curve, and 1 inch wide. I inscribed my signature and the date on the inner surface of one of the black spacers.

Reduced Price...$450.00

Yellow Bakelite Roses Clamper Bracelet

This is a very lovely yellow roses clamper that I've carved from vintage sunny yellow Bakelite. There is a large opened rose on the
top center and then two rose buds to the side, all over carved rose leaves and stems. The roses' stems are carved to run down along
the side of the bracelet which has the opening. The bracelet has an inner diameter of 2 1/2 inches side to side and 2 1/8 top to
bottom. The walls are 1 inch wide at the top, sloping to thin down a bit towards the sturdy spring hinge. The spring action on the
hinge is perfect and this is a very lovely bracelet.
My signature and the date are inscribed on the inner surface.


Bakelite Bracelets & Bangles

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